Goals and Objectives

Shamrock trading company is engaged in the buying and sale of grains and oil-bearing crops. Following the market demand, the company solves the challenges:

Financing for future contracts
Achieving maximum efficiency in cooperation with partners and consumers
Increasing volume of purchased grain and oil-bearing crops, differentiation of purchased Kazakhstan grain.

trading company «Shamrock»

Shamrock trading company was established in 2013. Today Shamrock takes part in exporting of grain of Kazakhstan, delivering large quantities of oil-bearing crops to the large processing plants in foreign countries. We also export wheat, barley, rye and oil-bearing crops to Russia, Iran, China, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our company cooperates with many farms purchasing grain. The grain is delivered from the North Kazakhstan. We sell grain with the highest quality.

Today the company has a finance system. Our offices are located in Russia, Iran, and Hong Kong. Shamrock has its own elevator which is located in Akmola region, Kenskoe village.

Purchase and Sale of Goods


Wheat is herbaceous mostly annual plants of the family Gramineae or Grasses (Poaceae). It’s a main crop in many countries, including Russia. Flour which is obtained from wheat grains is used to bake bread, make pasta and confectionery. Wheat is also used as a feed crop. It’s a part of some recipes of beer and vodka.


Barley is herbaceous plants of the family Poaceae, genus of barley (Hordeum). It’s an important crop, one of the oldest cultivated plants in the history (Man began to cultivate the plant about 10 thousand years ago). Barley grain is widely used for food, fodder and technical purposes, including brewing industry, for production of pearl barley and peeled barley. Barley is the most valuable concentrated animal feed because it contains complete protein and starch.


It grows almost over the world and is used in the food industry (sunflower halva, kozinaki, sunflower oil, hydrogenated fat, margarine), for medicinal (elixir, oil), fodder (press cake, silage, haylage, meal, threshed calathids, glume), technical (manufacture of paper, pearl ash, soap, fuel, paints, and varnishes) purposes and as a decoration.


In ancient times, flax is used not only for making tissues, but it is used to as a food source. In Bronze Age, coarse flatbread is cooked from a mixture of flax, wheat and millet flour. For centuries, flaxseeds are used to obtain cold-pressed flaxseed oil. It’s a very healthy product. It’s used for treatment of different diseases and applied to the skin or hair.


It’s an herbaceous member of the family Brassicaceae. It’s an important oil plant. Since the end of the XX century, it’s used to produce biodiesel.


Corn grain contains the following vitamins: PP, E, D, K, B vitamins (B1, B2), and ascorbic acid.

Our achievements

The main priorities of our activities are the constant development and growth, the implementation of the current market ideas. The competence and professionalism of the company's specialists and well considered pricing are reliable grounds for mutually beneficial and long term cooperation with partners.


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